Cellar Door

The Cellar is open for tasting and sales between 10.00 and 16.00, Tuesdays-Saturdays.

About Our Cellar

A renovated sheep barn on the property has been converted into cellar-cum-restaurant. Trish runs the restaurant while John makes wine in the small room adjoining its kitchen and attends to his vintage maturing in second-hand French oak barrels sourced from the Western Cape.

John has taken a natural approach to his wine-growing venture by mulching his vineyards with wheat and bean straw and fertilising with earthworm castings. This has increased the soil’s pH level and improved its friability in the upper layers, boosting water retention and creating ideal conditions for microbes.

Through his research on small-scale red-wine production, John has developed a workable production system for crushing, de-stemming, ageing, stabilisation and filtration. “I’d say we’re within the limits of garagiste – a movement of small-scale winemakers who do it more as hobby than a commercial enterprise,” he explains. “These winemakers are becoming highly sought-after because they’re hands-on.”

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